December 28, 2013

CB Redux (DJ Mix, Eclectic, Nov 2013)

Revisions of a lost mix recorded in a west end bar one Sunday afternoon. Relaxed is the vibe.
This reproduction of the atmosphere is probably as close to ideal as I can get with one of these downtempo style mixes so this mix is most likely my final CB upload. 
All songs recorded from vinyl.
Tornaado – Jahiklass 470
Richard Schneider Jr. – Hello Beach Girls
Francis Bebey – Fleur Tropical
Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythm (Mudd's Ellis beach Dub)
George's Vert – Freak D'Espace
Damon – Don't You Feel Me
Flash & The Pan – Hole In The Middle
The Jellies – The Conversation (Version)
Logic System – Unit
Patrick Cowley – He's Like You
Phil Manzanera – Listen Now (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix)
Musiccargo – Das Buch
Shit & Shine – Blowhannon
William Onyeabor – Heaven & Hell
Sly & Robbie – Reggae Disco
Tamikrest – Itous
Devendra Barnhart – Lazy Butterfly
Vazz – Cast Reflections
Finis Africae – El Secreto De Las 12
Joan Pau Verdier – Sud-Omnibus
Francis Bebey – Sahel
Ken Dang – Born In Borneo
Tornaado – Soling
Bernie Krause – Fish Wrap
Dukes Of Chutney – The Smiling Cheshire
Kasket – Bad Connection
Peaking Lights – More High
Young Marco – In The Wind
Black Deer – Trail Of Tears
Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythm
Dukes Of Chutney – Domino
Damon – Funky Funky Blues
Osborne – Oyasumi
Richard Schneider Jr – Silent Cry
Richard Schneider – Nightmare World
Black Deer – Tortuga
Synthesizers Unlimited – Funky Dromedary
Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble – 13.03.13 Part Two
Persimfans – ESP
Kasket – Give It A Name
Imbogodom – Mirror Dust
Musiccargo – Domino
Patrick Cowley – Primordial Landscape
Richard Schneider Jr – Fata Morgana
Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal (Dompteur Mooner Edit)
Tortoise – Firefly
Pikelet – Fleeting
Joasihno – Monja
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses

December 03, 2013

This Thursday: GK Machine @ Coming Your Way (Nice N Sleazy)

Subcity Radio fund-raiser with The Witching Hour (Claudia Nova), GK Machine and Feta.