July 06, 2013

Kill Yr Idols w/ Pumajaw & Fiona Soe Paing, Friday 12 July

Kill yr idols presents a night of electronic noir-tinged serenades and gothic sonatas at
feat. Pumajaw and Fiona Soe Paing

Friday 12 July 2013
The Berkeley Suite
137 North Street, Glasgow

This July, Kill Yr Idols are proudly playing host to the inimitable Pumajaw to present a one-off, one-of-a-kind, special event in the sublime surroundings of Glasgow's Berkeley Suite.

In the depths of the restored 1940s ballroom, amongst the burgundy walls, gilded frames and sleazy interior Pumajaw, aka Pinkie Maclure and John Wills (ex-Loop), preview songs from their forthcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Song Noir (2-16 August 2013) reinventing creepy songs from film noir and gothic cult movies and mixing them with their own style of dark electronica. This special show will include tracks from their 2011 critically-acclaimed album Demonmeowmeow as well as the forthcoming Song Noir (Sept 2013).

“Like some terrifying infant, Pinkie is bewitching as she laments over ominous soundscapes made by spectral John Wills” (This Is Fake DIY, 2012)

“Maclure's extraordinary voice would deliver the greatest Bond theme ever” (The Herald, 2011)

More info and reviews at www.pumajaw.co.uk

Supporting Pumajaw is a true mistress of the dark arts Fiona Soe Paing. This Scottish/Burmese producer and vocalist creates sinister electronic soundscapes from a decaying future that make the Blade Runner soundtrack look like Good Day Sunshine. With her latest EP staying on the bandcamp staff picks list for several months as well as getting a 4-star review in The Skinny this producer's star is most definitely on the ascending.

“...stylish, elegant and sinister...obscure electronica, minimal beats and exotic voice merge seamlessly with animated visuals to evolve into a multi-media artwork” (New Zealand Herald)

“Very, very cool” (Vince Clarke)

In between both sets a suitably seedy soundtrack will be provided by residents GK Machine and Gerry Blythe who continue to plough on monthly with their Kill Yr Idols nights at the Berkeley Suite as well as their respective radio shows, DJ slots and events across the city.

ELECTRIC DARK starts 9pm and will be followed by the (un)usual Kill Yr Idols raw punk disco party in thee subterranean ballroom.

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