February 06, 2013

Kill Yr Idols presents Les Diaboliques (DJ Set) (Pizzico Records)

The bastard love-child of underground events promoters Gerry Blythe and Gordon Mackinnon (aka GK Machine), returns to The Berkeley Suite (home to regular nights from Andrew Weatherall, Optimo and Timothy J. Fairplay) for the first Kill Yr Idols party of 2013.

Once more avoiding the clichéd, expensive guest DJ approach KYI have dug deep to find hidden local talent yet again in the form of Les Diaboliques (Pizzico, Moshi Moshi). The KYI ethos is to tap into the innumerable artists, acts and DJs in the local underground music scene that often go unnoticed: those with their own record labels or studios, releases on international labels or who frequently play live shows abroad but rarely perform in their own back yard.

Les Diaboliques aka Stuart Evans fits the bill perfectly. Having turned his back on his previous incarnation as a not-too-unknown bass player for a certain band, Les Diaboliques sees Mr Evans turn his mastery of the dark arts of bass combined with his day-job as a studio engineer to synthesis, percussion, warped effects and dubbed out psychedelia the likes of which are dissimilar to anything else currently on the scene with the exception possibly of Blakula! on Bear Funk. With releases due out on Billy Bogus' imprint Pizzico Records in Italy as well as remixes for Fimber Bravo on Moshi Moshi 2013 looks like it might force our mystery man out of the shadows. With his DJ sets cutting into a similar vein, Les Diaboliques's brand of “psychedelic dungeon disco” promises to enthral, hypnotise and, indeed, make you dance. In other words – a perfect guest for Kill Yr Idols.

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