December 28, 2013

CB Redux (DJ Mix, Eclectic, Nov 2013)

Revisions of a lost mix recorded in a west end bar one Sunday afternoon. Relaxed is the vibe.
This reproduction of the atmosphere is probably as close to ideal as I can get with one of these downtempo style mixes so this mix is most likely my final CB upload. 
All songs recorded from vinyl.
Tornaado – Jahiklass 470
Richard Schneider Jr. – Hello Beach Girls
Francis Bebey – Fleur Tropical
Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythm (Mudd's Ellis beach Dub)
George's Vert – Freak D'Espace
Damon – Don't You Feel Me
Flash & The Pan – Hole In The Middle
The Jellies – The Conversation (Version)
Logic System – Unit
Patrick Cowley – He's Like You
Phil Manzanera – Listen Now (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix)
Musiccargo – Das Buch
Shit & Shine – Blowhannon
William Onyeabor – Heaven & Hell
Sly & Robbie – Reggae Disco
Tamikrest – Itous
Devendra Barnhart – Lazy Butterfly
Vazz – Cast Reflections
Finis Africae – El Secreto De Las 12
Joan Pau Verdier – Sud-Omnibus
Francis Bebey – Sahel
Ken Dang – Born In Borneo
Tornaado – Soling
Bernie Krause – Fish Wrap
Dukes Of Chutney – The Smiling Cheshire
Kasket – Bad Connection
Peaking Lights – More High
Young Marco – In The Wind
Black Deer – Trail Of Tears
Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythm
Dukes Of Chutney – Domino
Damon – Funky Funky Blues
Osborne – Oyasumi
Richard Schneider Jr – Silent Cry
Richard Schneider – Nightmare World
Black Deer – Tortuga
Synthesizers Unlimited – Funky Dromedary
Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble – 13.03.13 Part Two
Persimfans – ESP
Kasket – Give It A Name
Imbogodom – Mirror Dust
Musiccargo – Domino
Patrick Cowley – Primordial Landscape
Richard Schneider Jr – Fata Morgana
Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal (Dompteur Mooner Edit)
Tortoise – Firefly
Pikelet – Fleeting
Joasihno – Monja
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses

December 03, 2013

This Thursday: GK Machine @ Coming Your Way (Nice N Sleazy)

Subcity Radio fund-raiser with The Witching Hour (Claudia Nova), GK Machine and Feta.

November 03, 2013

"Warehouse Wipeout" Mix for Dirty Sounds Sessions

Mix recorded for Jane Fitz's "Dirty Sounds Sessions" show on originally broadcast on 28 Sept 2013.

Most records never played before, let alone mixed. The sound is more techy than my usual sound so dug out a lot of unplayed vinyls and the mix turned out OK. Not perfect by any means....but OK.

October 28, 2013

Mix for Krossfingers

So I managed to do a psychedelic journey of a mix for Ukranian blog krossfingers a few weeks ago before disappearing off to Bali and immersing myself in gamelan for two weeks.

The mix is sort of a follow-on from the "Psychic Psunshine" mix I did for Racket Racket last year.

You can find this latest adventurous musical escapade here.

October 03, 2013

GK Machine Top 5 Records for Ukranian music blog/fanzine Krossfingers

I managed to get a Top 5 records of all time together for Krossfingers this week. No mean feat at my age with thousands of records to choose from!!

Podcast for them coming soon too so ears peeled

GK Machine Top 5

Kill Yr idols w/ Kinophone (live), Nice n Sleazy, Fri 20 Sept

KYI is back for another futurist turbo-rock electro-dadaist dance party in Sleazy's basement club.

Special guests this month are Kinophone (live):
"Cutting edge electronics, vintage synthesizers and homemade micro-gadgets for a sound that floats betwen ambient Berlin-school psych and digital bass-heavy post-disko."

Residents Gerry Blythe and GK Machine do the rest.

August 20, 2013

Kill Yr Idols w/ Magic Daddy (Live), Nice n Sleazy, Sat 31 Aug

Stalwart of the Glasgow international underground electronic scene Magic Daddy has been pleasuring his "children" of the night on dancefloors around the city and beyond for longer than we can remember.
Having released records on Optimo Singles Club & Related recordings as well as Stuff Records we're extremely pleased to have him do a live set in Nice n  Sleazy's basement bunker. It will be loud. It will be lively. And you will dance!
Check for yourself:

Also, this event will be marking the start of regular KYI events in Nice n Sleazy which we're very much looking forward to. Expect some great guests in months to come all suitably accompanied by the turbo-fuel-injected rock n roll electro voodoo grooves that residents GK Machine and G. Blythe supply in big doses.

GK Machine & Kinophone (Live) at Doune The Rabbit Hole (22-25 August)

I'll be playing lively records on the Low End stage on Friday night plus will be playing a live set with musical cohort Telekom as Kinophone on the Sunday night, also on the Low End stage.

Get your tickets from the website if you haven't already

July 06, 2013

Kill Yr Idols w/ Pumajaw & Fiona Soe Paing, Friday 12 July

Kill yr idols presents a night of electronic noir-tinged serenades and gothic sonatas at
feat. Pumajaw and Fiona Soe Paing

Friday 12 July 2013
The Berkeley Suite
137 North Street, Glasgow

This July, Kill Yr Idols are proudly playing host to the inimitable Pumajaw to present a one-off, one-of-a-kind, special event in the sublime surroundings of Glasgow's Berkeley Suite.

In the depths of the restored 1940s ballroom, amongst the burgundy walls, gilded frames and sleazy interior Pumajaw, aka Pinkie Maclure and John Wills (ex-Loop), preview songs from their forthcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Song Noir (2-16 August 2013) reinventing creepy songs from film noir and gothic cult movies and mixing them with their own style of dark electronica. This special show will include tracks from their 2011 critically-acclaimed album Demonmeowmeow as well as the forthcoming Song Noir (Sept 2013).

“Like some terrifying infant, Pinkie is bewitching as she laments over ominous soundscapes made by spectral John Wills” (This Is Fake DIY, 2012)

“Maclure's extraordinary voice would deliver the greatest Bond theme ever” (The Herald, 2011)

More info and reviews at

Supporting Pumajaw is a true mistress of the dark arts Fiona Soe Paing. This Scottish/Burmese producer and vocalist creates sinister electronic soundscapes from a decaying future that make the Blade Runner soundtrack look like Good Day Sunshine. With her latest EP staying on the bandcamp staff picks list for several months as well as getting a 4-star review in The Skinny this producer's star is most definitely on the ascending.

“...stylish, elegant and sinister...obscure electronica, minimal beats and exotic voice merge seamlessly with animated visuals to evolve into a multi-media artwork” (New Zealand Herald)

“Very, very cool” (Vince Clarke)

In between both sets a suitably seedy soundtrack will be provided by residents GK Machine and Gerry Blythe who continue to plough on monthly with their Kill Yr Idols nights at the Berkeley Suite as well as their respective radio shows, DJ slots and events across the city.

ELECTRIC DARK starts 9pm and will be followed by the (un)usual Kill Yr Idols raw punk disco party in thee subterranean ballroom.

June 04, 2013

Where can I hear GK play records this week?????

Well, the answer is lots of places.

I play in the Variety Bar on Thursday night, 9pm til midnight

Then on Friday I do a monster-size radio special on Subcity Radio at 2pm which will last three hours and feature a showcase of Emotional Rescue and Emotional Response

Later that night I do a guest slot at Liquid Sky in Nice n Sleazy

On Saturday we have the amazing PVK playing at Kill Yr Idols at the Berkeley Suite (see poster below)

Don't say I'm not nice to you!!!

June 02, 2013

May 22, 2013

Kill Yr Idols w/ Pro Vinylist Karim, Sat 8 June

Super happy to have legendary Glasgow stalwart and venerable DJ extraordinaire Pro Vinylist Karim grace the decks with KYI residents GK Machine (Masquerade Dungeon Of Ill-Repute, Zoo Muzik) and Gerry Blythe (New Life, 8-bit Nights) at The Berkeley Suite on Saturday 8th June.

Doors midnight....cost £3

May 18, 2013

GK Machine plays at Liquid Sky, Friday 7 June, Nice n Sleazy

GK Machine digs out the new wave, post punk, electro disco, synth pop dancefloor killers for a guest appearance at Liquid Sky in Nice n Sleazy alongside resident DJ Chad Palestine (Monorail).

Dig!!! We MUST!

April 30, 2013

DJing this weekend

A few things coming up over the next few days:

Thursday 2 May: Variety Bar, 9pm-midnight
Friday 3 May: Subcity Radio show, 2pm-3pm
Sunday 5 May: Chinaskis Bar, 4pm-8pm

Lots of new releases to spin plus the usual smattering of vintage finery!

April 22, 2013

GK Machine - Zoot Zoom Room

GK Machine musical meandering into psych electronica with waltz tempo!!

April 01, 2013

Kill Yr Idols with grnr (live) at Nice n Sleazy, Fri 12 April

For one night only we bring our DIY Disco show for punks, drunks and funk junkies to Glasgow's most famous basement.

Joining us for this special occasion is one of Glasgow most underrated electronic acts, grnr, who will be playing a late nite live show for us.

grnr is the long time alter-ego of multi-instrumentalist Gavin Thomson. His tenure in gone-but-not-forgotten Glasgow synth poppers Findo Gask saw him remix artists such as Yoko Ono, Bloc Party and the Long Blondes.

Expect bass heavy, upbeat sounds

February 06, 2013

Kill Yr Idols presents Les Diaboliques (DJ Set) (Pizzico Records)

The bastard love-child of underground events promoters Gerry Blythe and Gordon Mackinnon (aka GK Machine), returns to The Berkeley Suite (home to regular nights from Andrew Weatherall, Optimo and Timothy J. Fairplay) for the first Kill Yr Idols party of 2013.

Once more avoiding the clichéd, expensive guest DJ approach KYI have dug deep to find hidden local talent yet again in the form of Les Diaboliques (Pizzico, Moshi Moshi). The KYI ethos is to tap into the innumerable artists, acts and DJs in the local underground music scene that often go unnoticed: those with their own record labels or studios, releases on international labels or who frequently play live shows abroad but rarely perform in their own back yard.

Les Diaboliques aka Stuart Evans fits the bill perfectly. Having turned his back on his previous incarnation as a not-too-unknown bass player for a certain band, Les Diaboliques sees Mr Evans turn his mastery of the dark arts of bass combined with his day-job as a studio engineer to synthesis, percussion, warped effects and dubbed out psychedelia the likes of which are dissimilar to anything else currently on the scene with the exception possibly of Blakula! on Bear Funk. With releases due out on Billy Bogus' imprint Pizzico Records in Italy as well as remixes for Fimber Bravo on Moshi Moshi 2013 looks like it might force our mystery man out of the shadows. With his DJ sets cutting into a similar vein, Les Diaboliques's brand of “psychedelic dungeon disco” promises to enthral, hypnotise and, indeed, make you dance. In other words – a perfect guest for Kill Yr Idols.

January 10, 2013

New Audio Engineering website is up-an-running

Freelance audio engineer/gun for hire....check it:

January 06, 2013

GK Machine guests at Wasabi Disco @ Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh, Sat 19 January

GK Machine plays records loud on the east coast