December 27, 2012

Hogmanay Party - Winter Wonderland Party Spectacular

Snow queens, arctic explorers, jack frosts and ski bunnies: time to unruffle your feathers and fly SOUTHSIDE for winter...

Welcome to the winter munterland....
Narnia gone wrong- very wrong

Drink a schnapps or two in the fully stocked 1980s ski lodge bar

Thaw out in an avalanche of dance moves in the Sweatbox(Rm 1)

Or sample a few tunes served chilled in the Ice Cave(Rm 2)

Crampons...Salopettes....Snowflakes...Icebergs...Curling...............Ice hockey....Massive colonial era moustaches covered in frost.....

*Eddie the Eagle Edwards guest appearance*

Special hand-made tickets £5 only and available from Peppy, Ben G, Ben W, Dom and GK so hit us up.

Full bar provided- please show your support by buying your bevvy here and save the BYOB for the after-after-party

Music supplied by professional disc-jockeys on two industry standard high-fidelity public address systems with bass and lights:
Penelope Tropicana (Thunderbug)
Beng Ibson (Thunderbug)
GK Machine (Kill Yr Idols)
DJ Dandy (Disco X)
Ali Begbie (Bedlam Boudoir)
Spudd (Radarrrrr)

December 17, 2012

New mix for Racket Racket: Psychic Psunshine

Super pleased to announce a mix I did for the wonderful online fanzine Racket Racket is now available for pleasing your ears with. If you don't know the website have a good rummage around there's pretty hot. Get to it: Psychic Psunshine

December 14, 2012

GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show, Part 2

So, GK went out onto the airwaves for a second trip around vinyl heaven.

You too can follow in his footsteps right HERE on subcity radio.

Beam me down

December 13, 2012

Kill Yr Idols w/ Kris Wasabi, Sat 22 Dec

After a wild start with Slow It Down KYI returns to The Berkeley Suite, this time with Kris Wasabi whose Wasabi Disco nights have recently celebrated 4 years of beating people senseless.

Limited guest list spaces are here, first-come first-served: Kill Yr Idols

December 07, 2012

Subcity Radio: GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show

My first radio outing went out on the brainwaves earlier today. The recording can be heard in a stream from HERE