July 31, 2011

Playlist, Nice n Sleazy, 29 July

*Tracks in italics played through Ableton Live, the rest played on good ol' vinyl
Set 1, 11.30-12.40:

Jah Wobble - Outback (30Hz)
Peter Gordon & Lawrence Weiner - Deutsche Angst (Les Disques Crepuscule)
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz - Got Away (Crammed Discs)
Savant - Using Words (Palace Of Light)
Blakula! - Surrender To The Shadows (Bear Funk)
Chris 'n' Cosey - Sweet Surprise (Rough Trade)
Nurse With Wound - Rock 'n' Roll Station (Beta Lactam-Ring Records)
Justin Velor - I Can't Sing (Brutal Music)
Tuxedomoon - 59 to 1 (Ralph Records)
Luther Hawkins & Toby Dammit - King's Triad (Hit-Thing)
Psychic TV - Good Vibrations (Temple Records)
Circuits - Pistols At Dawn (Tim Love Lee Dub) (Rong/DFA)
Chris 'n' Cosey - Exotika (Play It Again Sam)
The Residents - And (Ralph America)

Organs of Love (LIVE) 12.40-1.20

Set 2, 1.20-2.50:

Thriftcotheque - Babba Macumba (Blackdisco)
Daniele Baldelli - Wava Kossa (Cosmic)
O:pl Bastards - Funking (Cool Globe)
Eroc - The Prophet (Brain)
John Miles - Low Down (Henry Fondler's Acid Re-Rub) (Not on label)
Impi - Ipmi (Jive)
The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord (Remix)
Bruce Haack - Stand Up Lazarus (QDK Media)
Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary (Not on label)
Quantum Jump - Lone Ranger (Kaos/Muallem edit)
Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Heat)
Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby (Warp)
ESP Institute - Rocks In Me (Alexis Le-Tan & Lee Douglas Remix) (ESP Institute)
Secret Circuit - Untitled (Teenage Teardrops)
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye (4AD)
Capricorn - I Need Love (Automan)
Chicks On Speed - Wordy Rappinghood (Chicks On Speed)
The Cramps - New Kind Of Kick (Illegal Records)
The Cramps - Garbageman (Illegal Records)
John Acquaviva & Madox - Feedback (Alphabet City)

Daphni - Ye Ye (Text Records)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut Etre (Hit Thing)
Colourbox - Baby I Love You So (4AD)
Future Pigeon - Lady Madonna (Future Pigeon)
Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol (Clan Celentano)

July 19, 2011


Secret Circuit - Cosmic Capers (Teenage Teardrops)
Thriftcotheque - Babba Macumba (Blackdisco)
Tamikrest - Toumastin (Glitterhouse)
Bruce Gilbert - Do You Me? I Did (Editions Mego)
Springintgut - Bangalore Eagles (Pingipung)
Wild Geese - Labyrinth (Flashback)
Alka Rex - Maslo (Multi Vitamins)
Tyrita & Cathrine - Let The People Dance (Scrubboard)
Timothy J Fairplay - Dawn (Astrolab)
Kurtis Scott - If You Feel It (People's Potential Unlimited)
Daniel Maloso - Hijos De Jose (Comeme)
Joakim - Forever Young (Tigersushi)
Simon Ratcliffe - Tightrope (Atlantic Jaxx)
Lazar Cezar - Fri1911 (Understand)
Daphni - MPE (Resista)
Paul McCartney - Check My Machine (Not on label)
Higamos Hogamos - Bop Sho Bop (Higamos Hogamos)
Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Anthropomorphic (Denovali)
Purple Vein - 1999 (Not on label)
Jah Wobble - Outback (30 Hertz)