June 30, 2011

Organs of Love (LIVE) + GK Machine @ Nice n Sleazy, Friday 29 July

"Occult sexmusic for insomniacs"

Mondo Scuro presents Organs of Love (LIVE) + GK Machine

Almost impossible to categorise, Organs of Love is the latest project in the long and varied musical career of Jim McKinven (Berlin Blondes, Altered Images, One Dove). Essentially a duo, McKinven is accompanied by Alecia Mathews on vocals & percussion. You may have noticed that female singers seem to be the one common thread tying these last three groups together. However, there the comparisons between this and McKinven's previous projects end. Moving away from the slick productions of One Dove and the indie-pop of Altered Images, Organs of Love is a veritable behemoth of lo-fi weirdness that sounds like it's come oozing straight out of some seedy swamp dive on Saturn.

Using an enormous 2-tier organ complete with bass pedals, a Novation bass-station, a cheap drum machine, effects and a guitar that occasionally gets kicked sideways into producing sheets of shrieking sound, combined with the mysterious lady's operatic vocal outbursts and chanteuse-style crooning yields an overall product that can most easily be classed as electro-cabaret meets gothic synthabilly which has then hitched a ride into space on a wave of bass and distortion. Yet esoteric this is not. Organs of Love's songs are as catchy and mesmerising as they are original.

Definitely one not to miss if you want something completely refreshing that's likely to propel you to dance if your soul and your feet like beats dark and dirty.

Support comes from GK Machine on decks and laptop playing a mix of original music and new wave, no wave, afro-beat, psychobilly, techno, voodoo funk, electro and acid rock with "old kid on the block" Henry Fondler freaking, tweaking, bubbling and squeaking around here, there and everywhere, apparently.

June 03, 2011

New track: "Midnight Dub"

Free download: Midnight Dub