April 20, 2011

Taperecorder (Brooklyn, NYC) (live) + GK Machine @ The Old Hairdressers

Brooklyn's Marc Hug aka Taperecorder stops off in Glasgow on his European tour in May/June 2011. 

Tprcrdr has been ploughing his own furrow for over a decade. With his ice cream tray strapped on and laptop connected to his nano-synth in lieu of cones and waffles, Tprcrdr has the amazing ability to play his mandolin, melodica and mouth organ live and on the move whilst producing occasional chopped drifting vocals all at the same time, whether it be in a street carnival in Berlin, an outdoor party in a Canadian evergreen forest, or on a beach in Iceland.

Having been the man behind Intergalactic Fairie Funk in the 90s and later Mossyrock, Marc's organic instrumentaion stylings belie his technical adeptness and programming wizardry. His skill as a musician and producer, if not unparalleled, is certainly unique.
We are blessed to have landed a gig with Tprcrdr in Glasgow's most anticipated new venue: Stereo's new sister venue, The Old Hairdressers, across from Stereo in Renfield Lane. The new bar, which features two rooms, mezzanine and nice decor, opens in two weeks time, and is already looking amazing, intimate and warm - ideal for hearing Marc's take on things.

Accompanying Tprcrdr will be GK Machine and Spudd, playing electronica, seedy soundtracks, 70s minimal, obscure library music, ambient beats, world treats, analogue experiments and vocal serenades. A laidback atmosphere with enough energy to satisfy even mild cases of Saturday Night Fever.

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