December 15, 2011

New!! The Latest Exciting Phenomenon!! Digital Dick's Phantasmagasm

January 1st has become the new Hogmanay....and all because of us!

November 18, 2011

Night Of The Earth Men, Parts 1 & 2

A limited number (100) of 'Early Bird' discount tickets can be bought using the secure link below which takes you to the Paypal website. Here you can pay by bank card or by using your Paypal account (if you have one):

November 10, 2011

Night Of The Earth Men, Parts 1 & 2

"Complete and evening of disorientation"

A marvellous spectacle of unusual and genre-defying music to entertain the Glasgow populace - our motto: "comforting the disturbed, disturbing the comfortable"

Part 1:

Tut Vu Vu (live)
Williwaw (live)
tedthetrumpet (live)

Tut Vu Vu:
Describing themselves as "the love child of Anaïs Nin and David Lynch" seems as deliberately obtuse and slyly humorous as it is helpful. Mutating out of the sludge left by Uncle John & Whitelock, Tut Vu Vu's unique sound is a far more well-developed, sophisticated creature than its predecessor's. Yet at the same time it is decidedly freer, looser and even more chaotic. With influences in jazz, kraut-rock, swamp blues, mutant swing and sinister alien-sounding lounge and with some members deeply involved in the arts the overall essence the band exudes is one steeped in such highly creative juices that they smell as experimental and, dare I say, avant-garde, as they do of rock 'n' roll. Often inter-changing instruments mid-show, the group can be seen to play clarinet, organs and two drum kits one minute to bass, synths and oscillators the next.
Arguably the best band in Glasgow for some time now, they are a definite must-see.

"The finest in amplified ukulele mayhem".
Illinois-born williwaw's layered loops and effects turns his ukelele into a multi-faceted beast which when accompanied by his usual smorgasbord of rare found video results in a multimedia performance comparable, perhaps, to some sort of warped Steve Reich on acid.
If you're going to push me, I'd say Williwaw is a blend of shoegaze and post-rock, but to try and pin down his style is probably missing the point. His music is supposed to be an enigma, an intriguing fusion of electronic and acoustic sound, which bemuses yet beguiles.
With an amplifier and some complex time signatures, his ukulele can generate a cauldron of noise, but it is also capable of transcending the chaos with a blissful melody. It can be heavy, while also ambient. Basically, no song is at all like the last.

"Edward 'Teddy' Edwards is one of the great unsung heros of British
light music electronica. His achievements would seem to place him as a key figure in the evolution of analog and digital sound - his application of the linear feedback shift register (LFSR) to music in the 1970s is referred to (uncredited!) in both Curtis Roads' 'The Computer Music Tutorial' (1996) and Hal Chamberlin's 'Musical Applications of Microprocessors' (1980), and it was his home-brew ring-modulator circuit which was used by Desmond Briscoe and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to produce the infamous Goon Show effect 'Major Bloodnock's Stomach'; yet, despite that, his current stature lies somewhere between cult figure and complete unknown. In some ways this may be due to his taste – or perhaps lack of taste – in music. Had he turned his talents to serialism or the acousmatic he might today be hailed as a British Stockhausen or Boulez; instead his career is marked by a series of semi-doomed attempts at 'Electronic Light Music', including such projects as 'The Ted Edwards Electr-O-Matic Orchestra' (1961), 'Dancing Diodes' (1974), and 'ET Edwards and the Magnetic Moments' (1981)."
None of this is true, incidentally, but should give you an idea of what might happen.
And for any of you still interested, tedthetrumpet is the brainchild of composer, multi-instrumentalist and music teacher J. Simon van der Walt.


Part 2:

Taperecorder (NYC - live)
Skizzwang (live)
GK Machine (DJ)
Mr Spudd (DJ)

Hailing from the more indie-centric side of electronic music, Marc Francis was the mastermind behind legendary house music collective Intergalactic Faerie Funk and the folkier Mossyrock. Now, this restless soul has been reincarnated under the name Taperecorder; creating swingy-swag dreamy-dirty dancefloor shoegaze rife with tales of odysseys, chance encounters, detours, and epiphanies.

With his ramshackle, bargain basement, punk rock approach to technology, taperecorder's improv-heavy live shows are characterized by his signature squelchy beats infused with found sounds, acoustic doodlings, and the occasional singalong.

"The secret bastard child of Delia Derbyshire and Klaus Wunderlich playing freestyle knee-bending toe-bop with a mild touch of swonk."
Using a microphone, a variety of drum machines/keyboards, some additional nonsense and an echo/delay box Skizzwang creates off-kilter acidic wonk by adding sounds, on by one (sometimes even two by two) into a loop pedal. The result is often a bizzare and wholly unanticipated sonic bewilderment that builds periodically with every repetition of the original loop until at one point, one sound/note/noise is added that puts the rhythm and/or melody into perspective and a coherent arrangement is produced.

GK Machine
"Sexmusic for the modern dancer"
Leftfield DJ / producer playing freely with African wild style, Gothic disco, turbo-tech, psych / sleaze, computer and Martian swamp funk plus more additional extra bonus plus extremes for the discerning gourmandizer.

Mr Spuddleybot
"alternative glam swing"



100 Early Bird Discount tickets (£5 for both parts of the evening) can be bought via the Paypal link below. Number of tickets can be specified at checkout.

October 12, 2011

Halloween Glasgow: A Masquerade Dungeon Of Ill-Repute

Tickets are now ready and are on sale from Chinaskis Bar on North Street. These little beauties are hand-made and screen-printed on black leatherette. They are limited to 200.

Likewise the poster is now in circulation. It looks something like this:

October 02, 2011

'A Masquerade Dungeon Of Ill-Repute', Sat 29 Oct, The Berkeley Suite

A Masquerade Dungeon Of Ill-Repute' 

Come. And enjoy a costumed celebration of the wicked in the comfortable surroundings of a Venetian brothel.

A special 'Halloween' live set from Organs of Love
A sleazy sonic slaying by The Executioner
Tales of a Grim(m) nature from Louna Productions
A spooky sssslice of erotic exotica from Mingo-Go scandalous decor from 85A
and, of course, you, our masked guests

For this one-off Halloween spectacular costumed revellers will be experiencing more than just live music, Djing and story-telling. Visual stimulation abounds. Props, costumes, lighting and mysterious treats will be in store courtesy of 85A (hot from their Electric Spectacle at the Secret Garden Party), including a custom-designed set for Organs of Love. Also on board will be Mingo-Go (Death Disco, Boteco Intimo) playing a spooky, seductive, sinister selection, warming up for the first of the evening's spectacles – story-telling in a particularly grim vein. Combining wicked humour with the macabre, Grim(m) Tales are Louna Productions' (Louisa Thornton and Anna Lehr) take on the more gruesome side of the brothers Grimm. Having recently finished a month of shows at the Edinburgh festival to rave reviews this is a chance for those who missed seeing them to catch a small selection of their repertoire here in Glasgow. Following in their dark footsteps will be The Executioner making a brief mysterious appearance behind the grinding wheels of steel before Organs Of Love take to the stage. The Organs, who have been creating quite a stir of late and who have just recently been signed by Optimo Music and whose highly anticipated EP will be released in January 2012, will be performing a 'special Halloween set' just for the occasion, adding a darker, even sleazier edge to their usual warped brand of sexotronica. Finishing off the evening's proceedings, The Executioner returns, mixing vinyl and laptop in wild abandonment to propel disguised revellers further over the edge and well on their way into the mystic night.

Tickets are £5 only. Strictly limited to 200.

Removal of masks discouraged. Likewise speaking. We strongly encourage communication by touch only!

September 22, 2011

Loop De Loop, The Old Hairdressers, Saturday 24 September

Charity fund-raiser to celebrate the centenary of International Women's Day.

"Continuing the colourful, bountiful, musical, moving, intimate, bonkers that was loop.
Blankets will be sold, songs will be sung. Instruments will be hit, strummed, blown into....
Drawings will be drawn. Fun will be had. Shapes will be thrown. Time will be spent. Money will be raised.
All money raised will go to support these great charities: Apne AapCareFawcett SocietyGlasgow Womens LibraryWomens Support Project"

The evening event is from 9 til 12 and is the culmination of an all-day fundraiser which you find out more about here

Uberfest IV @ The Soundhaus, Saturday 24 September

GK Machine will be playing at Uberfest IV (8.45 to 9.35) along with a rather large and marvellous line-up in three rooms, outdoor stage, stalls, barbecue and much more for this 4th installment of Uberfest.

For more info and line-up, see here

August 19, 2011

Audio Soup Festival, Friday 2 Sept - Sunday 4 Sept

You are cordially invited to Audio Soup festival near Garvald in the Borders, south of Edinburgh, for two days and nights of music and merriment.

We have four different stages on which will be a plethora of bands, DJs and performers.

For a full line-up please see the facebook page here

Tickets are a bargain £20 for the day or £40 for the weekend.

I am very excited to be rounding off the Friday night in the Abnormal Loads tent from 1am to 3am plus many of you will know Glasgow's favourite bon vivant DJ Dandy (Disco X) who will be playing on the Saturday afternoon.

This will be a ball!!!

Get tickets while you can from here as they may go up in price on the gates:

And tell your friends!!

July 31, 2011

Playlist, Nice n Sleazy, 29 July

*Tracks in italics played through Ableton Live, the rest played on good ol' vinyl
Set 1, 11.30-12.40:

Jah Wobble - Outback (30Hz)
Peter Gordon & Lawrence Weiner - Deutsche Angst (Les Disques Crepuscule)
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz - Got Away (Crammed Discs)
Savant - Using Words (Palace Of Light)
Blakula! - Surrender To The Shadows (Bear Funk)
Chris 'n' Cosey - Sweet Surprise (Rough Trade)
Nurse With Wound - Rock 'n' Roll Station (Beta Lactam-Ring Records)
Justin Velor - I Can't Sing (Brutal Music)
Tuxedomoon - 59 to 1 (Ralph Records)
Luther Hawkins & Toby Dammit - King's Triad (Hit-Thing)
Psychic TV - Good Vibrations (Temple Records)
Circuits - Pistols At Dawn (Tim Love Lee Dub) (Rong/DFA)
Chris 'n' Cosey - Exotika (Play It Again Sam)
The Residents - And (Ralph America)

Organs of Love (LIVE) 12.40-1.20

Set 2, 1.20-2.50:

Thriftcotheque - Babba Macumba (Blackdisco)
Daniele Baldelli - Wava Kossa (Cosmic)
O:pl Bastards - Funking (Cool Globe)
Eroc - The Prophet (Brain)
John Miles - Low Down (Henry Fondler's Acid Re-Rub) (Not on label)
Impi - Ipmi (Jive)
The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord (Remix)
Bruce Haack - Stand Up Lazarus (QDK Media)
Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary (Not on label)
Quantum Jump - Lone Ranger (Kaos/Muallem edit)
Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Heat)
Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby (Warp)
ESP Institute - Rocks In Me (Alexis Le-Tan & Lee Douglas Remix) (ESP Institute)
Secret Circuit - Untitled (Teenage Teardrops)
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye (4AD)
Capricorn - I Need Love (Automan)
Chicks On Speed - Wordy Rappinghood (Chicks On Speed)
The Cramps - New Kind Of Kick (Illegal Records)
The Cramps - Garbageman (Illegal Records)
John Acquaviva & Madox - Feedback (Alphabet City)

Daphni - Ye Ye (Text Records)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut Etre (Hit Thing)
Colourbox - Baby I Love You So (4AD)
Future Pigeon - Lady Madonna (Future Pigeon)
Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol (Clan Celentano)

July 19, 2011


Secret Circuit - Cosmic Capers (Teenage Teardrops)
Thriftcotheque - Babba Macumba (Blackdisco)
Tamikrest - Toumastin (Glitterhouse)
Bruce Gilbert - Do You Me? I Did (Editions Mego)
Springintgut - Bangalore Eagles (Pingipung)
Wild Geese - Labyrinth (Flashback)
Alka Rex - Maslo (Multi Vitamins)
Tyrita & Cathrine - Let The People Dance (Scrubboard)
Timothy J Fairplay - Dawn (Astrolab)
Kurtis Scott - If You Feel It (People's Potential Unlimited)
Daniel Maloso - Hijos De Jose (Comeme)
Joakim - Forever Young (Tigersushi)
Simon Ratcliffe - Tightrope (Atlantic Jaxx)
Lazar Cezar - Fri1911 (Understand)
Daphni - MPE (Resista)
Paul McCartney - Check My Machine (Not on label)
Higamos Hogamos - Bop Sho Bop (Higamos Hogamos)
Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Anthropomorphic (Denovali)
Purple Vein - 1999 (Not on label)
Jah Wobble - Outback (30 Hertz)

June 30, 2011

Organs of Love (LIVE) + GK Machine @ Nice n Sleazy, Friday 29 July

"Occult sexmusic for insomniacs"

Mondo Scuro presents Organs of Love (LIVE) + GK Machine

Almost impossible to categorise, Organs of Love is the latest project in the long and varied musical career of Jim McKinven (Berlin Blondes, Altered Images, One Dove). Essentially a duo, McKinven is accompanied by Alecia Mathews on vocals & percussion. You may have noticed that female singers seem to be the one common thread tying these last three groups together. However, there the comparisons between this and McKinven's previous projects end. Moving away from the slick productions of One Dove and the indie-pop of Altered Images, Organs of Love is a veritable behemoth of lo-fi weirdness that sounds like it's come oozing straight out of some seedy swamp dive on Saturn.

Using an enormous 2-tier organ complete with bass pedals, a Novation bass-station, a cheap drum machine, effects and a guitar that occasionally gets kicked sideways into producing sheets of shrieking sound, combined with the mysterious lady's operatic vocal outbursts and chanteuse-style crooning yields an overall product that can most easily be classed as electro-cabaret meets gothic synthabilly which has then hitched a ride into space on a wave of bass and distortion. Yet esoteric this is not. Organs of Love's songs are as catchy and mesmerising as they are original.

Definitely one not to miss if you want something completely refreshing that's likely to propel you to dance if your soul and your feet like beats dark and dirty.

Support comes from GK Machine on decks and laptop playing a mix of original music and new wave, no wave, afro-beat, psychobilly, techno, voodoo funk, electro and acid rock with "old kid on the block" Henry Fondler freaking, tweaking, bubbling and squeaking around here, there and everywhere, apparently.

June 03, 2011

New track: "Midnight Dub"

Free download: Midnight Dub

April 20, 2011

Taperecorder (Brooklyn, NYC) (live) + GK Machine @ The Old Hairdressers

Brooklyn's Marc Hug aka Taperecorder stops off in Glasgow on his European tour in May/June 2011. 

Tprcrdr has been ploughing his own furrow for over a decade. With his ice cream tray strapped on and laptop connected to his nano-synth in lieu of cones and waffles, Tprcrdr has the amazing ability to play his mandolin, melodica and mouth organ live and on the move whilst producing occasional chopped drifting vocals all at the same time, whether it be in a street carnival in Berlin, an outdoor party in a Canadian evergreen forest, or on a beach in Iceland.

Having been the man behind Intergalactic Fairie Funk in the 90s and later Mossyrock, Marc's organic instrumentaion stylings belie his technical adeptness and programming wizardry. His skill as a musician and producer, if not unparalleled, is certainly unique.
We are blessed to have landed a gig with Tprcrdr in Glasgow's most anticipated new venue: Stereo's new sister venue, The Old Hairdressers, across from Stereo in Renfield Lane. The new bar, which features two rooms, mezzanine and nice decor, opens in two weeks time, and is already looking amazing, intimate and warm - ideal for hearing Marc's take on things.

Accompanying Tprcrdr will be GK Machine and Spudd, playing electronica, seedy soundtracks, 70s minimal, obscure library music, ambient beats, world treats, analogue experiments and vocal serenades. A laidback atmosphere with enough energy to satisfy even mild cases of Saturday Night Fever.

April 18, 2011

Playlist, Hung Up!, 17 April 2011

All tracks played on vinyl except those in italics which were played from Ableton Live.

Bruce Gilbert - Do You Me? I Did (Mute, UK, 1984)
Tim 'Love' Lee - The Tortoise (Tummy Touch, UK, 2005)
Gestalt Et Jive - Too Much Freezing (Moers Music, Germany, 1985)
Ghost Town - Hyperbolic (Ghost Town, US, 2007)
Wild Geese - Hits From The Gong (Flashback, UK, 2009)
Little Annie - This Town (Restless Records, US, 1994)
The Residents - And (Ralph America, US, 2004)
The Residents - Nineteen Ninety-Nine (Ralph America, US, 2000)
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz - Got Away (Made To Measure, Belgium, 1986)
Orlando Kimber & Jon Keliehor - Luminous Forces (Bruton Music, UK, 1984)
Guem - Ruisseau (Voix D'Afrique, Germany, year unknown)
La Bottine Souriante vs Legion Of Green Men - Yo Yo Encore Plus Vert (Dub Mix) (EMI, Canada, 1999)
The Honeymoon Killers - Decollage (Gaumont Musique, France, 1982)
Daphni - NPE (Resista, UK, 2011)
Barry Adamson - Goddess Of Love (Mute, UK, 1998)
Les Maledictus Sound - Kriminal Theme (Dagored, Italy, 2000)
Playgroup - Squeek Squawk (On-U Sound/Cherry Red, UK, 1983)
Tim 'Love' Lee - The Mouth Organ (Tummy Touch, UK, 2005)
Soft Rocks - Are You Out There Cyclops? (Soft Rocks Recordings, UK, 2005)
Black Cock - Shine On (Black Cock, UK, 2009)
Tuxedomoon - 59 to 1 (Ralph Records, US, 1980)
Space System - Sorrow Show (Optimo Music, UK, 2010)
Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (Redux, UK, 2009)
Impi - Impi 2 (Jive, US, 1982)
The Dead Seal - Bored Of The Future (Brennan Green Mix) (Smash Hit Music Co., US, 2006)
Suns Of Arqa - Acid Tabla (Antler, Belgium, 1983)
Zeuxis & The Painted Grapes - Blissed Out (Dubble Dipped Mix) (Post Contemporary, Canada, 1995)
LCD Soundsystem - Throw (Planet E, US, 2011)

April 06, 2011

GK Machine at Hung Up! @ The Sub Club, Sunday 17 April

Download Link

On Sunday 17 April, Hung Up! will be hosted by Brian D'Souza and GK Machine.

GK Machine 11.00pm - 1.00am
Brian D'Souza 1.00am - 3.00am

Expect some warm-up weirdness from Monsieur Machine.

April 05, 2011

Playlist, Halt Bar, 2 Apr 2011

The Jellies - Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
Barfly - This Ain't The Place
The Dead Seal - Bored Of the Future
Mount Florida - Catalyst Dubs
Suns Of Arqa - Acid Tabla
Stevie Kotey & Max Essa - Guitar
Lascivious - She's Here (Brennan Green Mix)
Coati Mundi - No More Blues
Woolfy - Oh Mistrumental
Philippo Ransullo - Walken
Impi - Impi Dub
Kaos - Cerebral Tremolo
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Ride
Boogie Corporation - Konked Out
Welcome Stranger - Brolene
Harry Thumann - Sphinx
Deep Bros. - Soul Talkin
Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13
Purple Vein - 1999
The Beat Broker - Contact

March 31, 2011

DJ set at Solid Gold Safari, this Saturday, 2 April 2011

GK Machine graces the decks at the Halt Bar for Solid Gold Safari, 8pm-10pm......come hear some good music!

March 22, 2011

.....just confirmed....GK MACHINE @ Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival, 10-12 June

Download Link

GK will (dis)grace the decks at midnight on Friday 10 June to see in the night proper.

February 22, 2011

Upcoming gigs

Upcoming gigs at Solid Gold Safari and Optimo's Hung Up! to be confirmed.....stay tuned!!!!