April 16, 2009

Zoo Muzik stampedes into Glasgow, 23 May 2009

Eyes and ears peeled for a new night on the town - a musical rampage by the name of Zoo Muzik.

This new night is a collaboration between GK Machine & DJ B*Licious launching on Saturday 23 May and from then on on the third Friday of the month in Blackfriars basement.

The two have often worked together in the past but the time seemed right to combine their talents further. Their musical paths have crossed at seemingly the right time, not just for both of them in their musical development, but as regards the current musical climate, GK's background in fully-charged turbo-tech and BL's in funk has merged on a common ground of psychedelic dancefloor grooves that are not simply for habitual clubbers or weekend hedonists that don't even know why they do it, but for musical movers, alive and kicking, and with a select taste in sound who really know how to party wild....but most of all it's for that often forgotten aspect of commercial clubbing -basic, animalistic, primal, high - the spiritual feeling of a community gathering, moving, feeling dancing as one - a deeper primal connection, where the mind stops and the body starts. It may sound stupid in this day and age but it's a form of ritual that touches us all in some way whether we understand why or not. But we all recognise that it's usually only when you free your self that you realise you were trapped! So we want to help unleash your beast via the art of music. And so we made it....Zoo Muzik!!

Special guests Soft Rocks on June 19 and many more to come, including the legendary Tim "Love" Lee on September 18!!!!!!

Anything else just drop me a line - gkmach1ne [at] gmail [dot] com

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