December 16, 2008

Carnival Arts Centre Hogmanay Party, 31 December

Hogmanay hoe-down/knees up/hootenany/shindig in renowned turbo wild-style party vibe with extra thrust into 2009AD provided by some of the most adventurous, daring and passionately hedonistic disc-jockeys alive today!!! Party hard! Party wild! Or just sip a glass of champagne with your nearest and dearest and watch bemusedly as the revellers cavort and contort on the dancefloor. Relax and let yourself go in this newly discovered, extravagantly decorated decadent underground warehouse space to a heady mix of electro-funk, disco, house, breaks, psycho-bass, spaz-tech, rolled oats, wheat flakes, sundried raisins and drizzles of golden honey provided by master chef resident DJs Furious Breaks & B*Licious with special guests GK Machine, Henry Fondler and Sebastian Preis plus more tbc. Fresh fruit and delectable surprises throughout the night! Tickets available from Tickets Scotland

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