December 18, 2008

New limited GK Machine mix-CD coming soon!!!

Finally recorded after a month of preparation, GK's latest long overdue mix CD is at last ready to be unleashed on the public. With a focus on psychedelic, fuel-injected acid-rock and low-down filthy electro voodoo, this latest reckless rampage through musical genres is aptly titled "Dirt Tracks".

100 copies will be made available, 50 of which will be given away free to the first 50 people to arrive at Area 51's New Year's Day Post-Apocalyptic hoedown.

And to get those juices flowing here's what you can expect to find on this "Dirt Tracks":

1. Community Recordings & Dub Theory - Dubicussions (Intro)
2. Roy Last Group - Rainchild (In Flagranti Edit)
3. Rocket - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
4. Brian Eno & David Byrne - Regiment (excerpt) / T-Tauri - Joy To The World (Pancakes For Everyone) (loop)
5. Pnu Riff - Tauro / T-Tauri - Joy (loop)
6. Damon - Don't You Feel Me
7. Nash The Slash - Countervail
8. Syclops - Nelson's Back
9. T-Tauri - Joy (loop) / Kaos/Muallem - Lone Ranger Dub (intro) (loop)
10. Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol
11. Soft Rocks - Umut 2000
12. Kaos/Muallem - Lone Ranger Dub (intro) (loop)
13. Casinoboy - Twilight Lady / Simon - Door Burst
14. Kaos/Muallem - Lone Ranger Dub / Simon - White Wash
15. Crosstown Traffic - Now Dig This
16. In Flagranti - Where is Miss Palmer?
17. Alicia Bridges - Body Heat / Simon - White Wash
18. Bronx Irish Catholics - Ulster Defence
19. Torch Song - Prepare To Energize
20. Nash The Slash - Blind Windows/Countervail
21. Betty Botox - Hot Liebe
22. Frankie Knuckles presents Jamie Principle - Your Love

And if you miss the chance to get one of these highly limited CDs, fear not, the mix will be available for download from the ever-reliable people at net-mix. Details to follow....

NEWS UPDATE: Since being unleashed on the general public, the CD has had praise and acclaim from around the world - Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) in San Francisco, Tim "Love" Lee (Tummy Touch/Boy Scout Recordings) New York, Marc Hug (Mossyrock) , also New York and Jules P in Paris. 

December 16, 2008

Area 51's New Year's Day Psychic Wipeout, Nice 'n' Sleazy, 1 January 2009

This infamous Bachannalian knees up has garnered quite a reputation for itself over the 14 years it's been running in Sleazy's basement. Originally started as a weekly Sunday evening session in the upstairs bar by three young upstarts (Jules, Shaft and GK Machine) with a mutual love of house music and techno, the first New Year's Day party, which was intended simply as a continuation of the night before, went down so well on that fateful 1st January 1995 that we decided to continue it, nurture it, love it, abuse it until it grew well beyond the sum of its parts. We have had numerous guest DJs including DJ/JD Twitch (several times), Dom Sinclair (Disco X), Stu C (Bullet Proof), DJ Loco (Saturday Night Beaver) and many more, so that now, in 2008/2009, despite only happening once every year, it's a party that people now look forward to as much as new year itself and has become an integral part of the Glasgow Hogmanay festivities while those Sunday evening sessions are no more than a fading memory that soon will be forgotten.

Long since has the music policy crumbled away from anything even resembling a 'policy' and now we provide nothing but the best disco-dancing jive-assed, free-style freakbeat, acid, systematic, electric, pneumatic turbo-charged party soundtrack this side of Hell!!

And music is just a part of it. But also what makes this happen is the vibe. The atmosphere here. Always wild, always relaxed. Loose in ways rarely seen. Partly due to the often stressful event that is New Year's Eve and partly because the ones who did enjoy the night before are still going there is a tendency for the hedonism to be extremely full-on....yet the atmosphere is undeniably filled with a carefree looseness and light-hearted fun rather than the sort of intensity apparent from the night before. Generally bad behaviour and lots of wild dancing. Special!

This year, God forbid, will be no different. :)

Get loose. Get down. Get drunk. Get whatever.

It's our 14th Anniversary Party.....just enjoy yourself.

Carnival Arts Centre Hogmanay Party, 31 December

Hogmanay hoe-down/knees up/hootenany/shindig in renowned turbo wild-style party vibe with extra thrust into 2009AD provided by some of the most adventurous, daring and passionately hedonistic disc-jockeys alive today!!! Party hard! Party wild! Or just sip a glass of champagne with your nearest and dearest and watch bemusedly as the revellers cavort and contort on the dancefloor. Relax and let yourself go in this newly discovered, extravagantly decorated decadent underground warehouse space to a heady mix of electro-funk, disco, house, breaks, psycho-bass, spaz-tech, rolled oats, wheat flakes, sundried raisins and drizzles of golden honey provided by master chef resident DJs Furious Breaks & B*Licious with special guests GK Machine, Henry Fondler and Sebastian Preis plus more tbc. Fresh fruit and delectable surprises throughout the night! Tickets available from Tickets Scotland