April 27, 2007

Yoodoo Voodoo, Friday 11 May

Mondo Scuro presents Yoodoo Voodoo - with DJs GK Machine, DJ Dandy and Suzie Hipsnake - on Friday 11 May. This was intended as the launch night for a monthly residency but unfortunately, due to problems with the management (the events co-ordinator and the management fell out resulting in the management telling us "we're not mainstream enough" - ha ha - did they not hear me play Hot Chocolate last time??), so this night, instead, is a one-off event and will be the last Mondo Scuro/Yoodoo Voodoo until a new venue is found. We hope it'll be a busy one though so would be nice to see you.

For those who haven't been, you can expect electro-disco, mutant punk, turbo-dub, acid rock, cyber-elastic sex music, brain-slicing techno riddims, some heads down, no nonsense voodoo funk, a laptop set mixing things like The Cramps, Little Annie, The Slits and Can all over a driving, psychedelic rhythm backing and, most of all, the main result you'll get will be some wild-style party music and, as ever, a 'marvellously pleasant' atmosphere.

See the flyer for more info!!!

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