March 19, 2007

Tripping The Light Fantastic, Saturday 24 March


Good news. A FREE, one-off musical extravaganza for your aural and bodily pleasure!

This Saturday night: "Tripping The Light Fantastic" -an underground beat happening in Maggie May's Basement Boutique.

It's a free for all promoted by Moet/Chandon. You just need to turn up.

Music will be provided by Belle B*Licious, Funkin' Furious and our eccentric nocturnal acquaintance, The Mysterious "Absent" Davie Starjuice.

So bring your friends and you can all pleasure yourselves to music simply DRIPPING with funk. Get hot and excited and contort your bodies on the dancefloor to the wild sexbeat!!

Just come for the free ride - and we'll push the accelerator, hard!!!


Commander Fuck

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