February 28, 2007

YooDoo Voodoo, Friday 9 March

Greetings Vibration Nation, we have something good in store for you!! We got some hip gyration for the trip generation!! Get ready!!

After a long hiatus Mondo Scuro is at long last rearing its ugly head once again. Maggie May's basement (formerly Bluu Basement) will house a one-off night under the name Yoodoo Voodoo.

As well as GK Machine & DJ Dandy spinning their usual smorgasbord of aural love juice, 70s acid casualty "Absent" Davie Starjuice will be making a rare appearance in public after finally getting to grips with his latest piece of 21st Century technology - the laptop computer. For him that's a major leap into the future. Gone are his two drummers and ageing synth modules. Now it's just him and the machine. And his rhythms will rock.

Doors open 11pm, end 3am, price is £5. See the flyer below for more details.
Don't be square.....be there!!!

Love and confusion,
Mr. Dark

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