May 14, 2007

Playlist - YooDoo Voodoo, Glasgow, Friday 11 May

Set 1 (11.00pm - midnight) *tracks in italics played on Abelton Live laptop

Bim Sherman & Singer and PLayers - The Need To Live (Leghorn)
The Flying Lizards - New Voice (Virgin)
Voice Of Authority - Fuh Fuh (On-U Sound)
Missing Brazilians - Ace Of Wands (On-U Sound)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Cassettesingle (Tirk)
Michael Quatro - Stripper (Lexx Edit) (Mindless Boogie)
The Leather Nun - F.F.A. (Betty Botox Edit) (Botox)
La Bottine Souriante - Yo Yo Surtout Vert (Drum Dub) (Post Contemporary) (loop)
David Keaton - Space Patrol (Cosmic Dancer) (loop)
Steve Miller Band - Macho City (Capitol) (loop)
David Keaton - Space Patrol (Cosmic Dancer)
Cozy Powell - Dance With The Devil (Universal)
Universal Being - Sphinx (Holistic)
Camille - Scarlet Pussy (Warner)
Banbarra - Shack Up (Touche From The Wiseguys Bonus Chops) (OST)
Banbarra - Shack Up (Parts 1 & 2 United) (OST) (part)

Set 2 (1.10am-2.40am)

Suns Of Arqa - Brujo Magic (Leghorn)
Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night (not on label)
Khan - Strip Down (Tomlab)
Tantra - Wishbone (Faith)
BC - Konked Out (Redux)
Nick Chacona - A Cambria Heights Affair (Bear Funk)
Michoacan - Rubberbands (Bear Entertainment)
Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Montage)
The Flying Lizards - Lovers & Other Strangers (Virgin)
Captain Comatose - To My Song (Playhouse)
Sparks - Beat The Clock (Durium)
Crosstown Traffic - Lover's Rock (Grayhound)
Kasjmir - Polterguys (Outland)
Denjer - Something Strong (Outland)
Fairmont - Gazebo (Border Community)
Sexual Harrassment - You Are My Sexual Connection (Konig Ludwig Entertainment)
The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Antilles)
The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet (CBS)

April 27, 2007

Yoodoo Voodoo, Friday 11 May

Mondo Scuro presents Yoodoo Voodoo - with DJs GK Machine, DJ Dandy and Suzie Hipsnake - on Friday 11 May. This was intended as the launch night for a monthly residency but unfortunately, due to problems with the management (the events co-ordinator and the management fell out resulting in the management telling us "we're not mainstream enough" - ha ha - did they not hear me play Hot Chocolate last time??), so this night, instead, is a one-off event and will be the last Mondo Scuro/Yoodoo Voodoo until a new venue is found. We hope it'll be a busy one though so would be nice to see you.

For those who haven't been, you can expect electro-disco, mutant punk, turbo-dub, acid rock, cyber-elastic sex music, brain-slicing techno riddims, some heads down, no nonsense voodoo funk, a laptop set mixing things like The Cramps, Little Annie, The Slits and Can all over a driving, psychedelic rhythm backing and, most of all, the main result you'll get will be some wild-style party music and, as ever, a 'marvellously pleasant' atmosphere.

See the flyer for more info!!!


Sexual Harrassment - Exercise Your Ass Off (Heat)
Michoacan - Livin In A Sick, Psycho Mad World (Lektroluv)
Bim Sherman & Singers And Players - The Need To Live (Leghorn)
Pnu Riff - Untitled (Holistic, HOL14)
Khan - Strip Down (Tomlab)
Cunningham/Giles/Muir - Ghost Dance (Piano)
David Cunningham & Angela Jaeger - Artificial Homeland (Piano)
Splay - Doubledeuce (Eskimo)
The Residents - bad day
The Residents Freak show
Mental Overdrive - Spooks (Full Pupp)
Little Axe - Stone Cold Ohio (Real World)
Sexual Harrassment - You Are My Sexual Connection (Montage)
Thumbs Aloft - Stick Around (Pointless Edits)
Michoacan - Robotski (Lektroluv)
The Glimmers - Ape Or Not? (DJ Garth's No Rest For The Wicked Mix) (Diskimo)
Shocking Pinks - Smoke Screen (DFA)
The Residents - Six More Miles (To The Graveyard) (Ralph)
The Residents - Jambalaya (Ralph)
Fetus Productions - Mission To Fort Bold (Not on label)
Fetus Productions - Humour (Not on label)
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators vs. The Dynamics - Feeling Free (Above The Clouds)
Ghost Town - Hyperbolic (Ghost Town)
Gino Soccio Remember (Super Discoteca)
Fujiya & Miyagi - One Trick Pony (Regal)
Douglas Sound - Do Right (Wurst Edits)
The Beat Broker - Warriors (In Space) (Flexx)
Mais Uma - Museumstrasse (Musicpark)
WO'xang - Sweet Temptation (Musicpark)
Brian Eno & David Byrne - America Is Waiting (E'G)
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Regiment (E'G)
Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Carrier (E'G)
The Residents - Best left
Elmore Judd - Insect Funk (Honest Jon's)

March 28, 2007


SPK - Wearing Thin (Ultimate Dilemma)
Bakazou - Yellow Fever (Specialist Interests)
Silver Apples - Oscillations (Eskimo)
Arthur Russell - A Little Lost (Soul Jazz)
Little Annie - As I Lie In Your Arms (One Little Indian)
Nick Chacona - A Cambria Heights Affair (Bear Funk)
Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Eskimo)
Dada Munchamonkey - Outside Time (Exist Dance)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Prinzessin (Virgin)
Rhythm & Noise - Berta's Hammer (Ralph)
Bushwacka! - Remember Dub (Olmeta)
!!! - Myth Takes (Warp)
Playgroup - Night Shift (On-U Sound)
Nick Chacona - Lucidia (Bear Funk)
David Cunningham - Potomac (Piano)
Missing Brazilians - Ace of Wands (On-U Sound)
Kasjmir - Polterguys (Outland)
Denjer - Something Strong (Spiritual)
Universal Being - Quatermass (Holistic)
Fretless Azm - Yassassin (Holistic)

March 19, 2007

Tripping The Light Fantastic, Saturday 24 March


Good news. A FREE, one-off musical extravaganza for your aural and bodily pleasure!

This Saturday night: "Tripping The Light Fantastic" -an underground beat happening in Maggie May's Basement Boutique.

It's a free for all promoted by Moet/Chandon. You just need to turn up.

Music will be provided by Belle B*Licious, Funkin' Furious and our eccentric nocturnal acquaintance, The Mysterious "Absent" Davie Starjuice.

So bring your friends and you can all pleasure yourselves to music simply DRIPPING with funk. Get hot and excited and contort your bodies on the dancefloor to the wild sexbeat!!

Just come for the free ride - and we'll push the accelerator, hard!!!


Commander Fuck

February 28, 2007

YooDoo Voodoo, Friday 9 March

Greetings Vibration Nation, we have something good in store for you!! We got some hip gyration for the trip generation!! Get ready!!

After a long hiatus Mondo Scuro is at long last rearing its ugly head once again. Maggie May's basement (formerly Bluu Basement) will house a one-off night under the name Yoodoo Voodoo.

As well as GK Machine & DJ Dandy spinning their usual smorgasbord of aural love juice, 70s acid casualty "Absent" Davie Starjuice will be making a rare appearance in public after finally getting to grips with his latest piece of 21st Century technology - the laptop computer. For him that's a major leap into the future. Gone are his two drummers and ageing synth modules. Now it's just him and the machine. And his rhythms will rock.

Doors open 11pm, end 3am, price is £5. See the flyer below for more details.
Don't be there!!!

Love and confusion,
Mr. Dark

February 09, 2007

++CANCELLED++ Tripping The Light Fantastic, 23 February 2007 ++CANCELLED++


This amazing, new, one-off happening will feature the DJ talents of not one, not two, but three of Glasgow's finest DJs to ensure a truly trancendental funk experience: GK Machine's psychedelic alter-ego "Absent" Davie Starjuice, B*Licious and DJ Furious Breaks will be funking things up to astral proportions. When we say reach for the stars we mean it, when we say come in your space suit you do!!!

Friday 23 February, Maggie May's, Trongate, G1


February 01, 2007


Soft Rocks - Midnight Drive (Soft Rocks)
The Residents - Demons Dance Alone (Euro Ralph)
Little Gem - Collected Dust (Giovanni Chrome)
The Dynamics - Seven Nation Army (Big Single)
David Keaton - Space Patrol (Cosmic Dancer)
London Underground - Learn A Language (On-U Sound)
Suns Of Arqa - Brujo Magic (Leghorn)
Soft Rocks - Look East (Soft Rocks)
Maddkatt Courtship - Where Is Your Past? (FFRR)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Talking Loud & Clear (For Disco Only re-edit)(FDO)
Kaos - Panopeeps (Lektroluv)
Logic System - Clash (Chinjyu of Sun)(For Disco Only re-edit)(FDO)
Kalabrese - Body Tight (Stattmusik)
Winter North Atlantic - Mercator (Giovanni Chrome)
The Dynamics - Move On Up (Big Single)
Sparks - Beat The Clock (Durium)
Rinder & Lewis - Willie & The Hand Jive (Avi)
Little Axe - Never Turn Back (Wired)
Ekko - Corkscrew (Incarnate Perspective) (Post Contemporary)
Maria Marquez & Frank Harris - Canto Del Pilon (Ralph)