September 27, 2006

'Oasis', Princes Square, Friday 29 September

Yoo hoo....laaaaaadies!!!!

Yes, believe it or not, "Peter Andre look-a-like" GK Machine will be spinning a smorgasbord of funk, disco and house music to get those young juices flowing at the Oasis shop opening on Friday 29 September in Princes Square. He will be simply oozing with funk from 4 til 7pm.

"Shop til you drop, buy til you die"

September 18, 2006


Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Cybernaut (Atlantic)
Mia Doi Todd - Casa Nova (Tom Chasteen Instrumental Version)
Altz - Yell (Bear Funk)
African Head Charge - Healing Father (On-U Sound)
Jose Manuel - Crystal (Eskimo)
Herbert - The Movers & The Shakers (Green Velvet Remix) (Studio !K7)
Max Berlin - Elle Et Moi (Tigersushi)
Tonto - The Boatman (Polydor)
Little Annie - Songs From The Coal Mine Canary (Durtro Jnana)
David Toop - Pink Noir (Virgin)
Kebekelektrik - Wardance (Automan)
Jersey Devil Social Club - Magnifique (Environ)
Whomadewho - Manuelle Mittelwelle (Gomma)
Max Berlin - Dance For Me (Tigersushi)
Jean-Michel Jarre - Arpegiator (Supersound)
Little Annie - I Think Of You (On-U Sound)
Shaggy - Stand Up And Fight (Big Yard)
Hot Chocolate - Mindless Boogie (RAK)
Magnifique - Magnifique (Compost)
Ben Mono feat. Capital A - Transmission (Captain A'nd His Space Organ Orchestra Mix) (Compost)