August 19, 2006

Playlist - CCA Bar, Glasgow, Friday 18 August

Hairy Diamond - Torture (PPQ)
Michigan & Smiley - Diseases (Volcano)
Orasio Garcia & Young Musicians Aware - Outer Space Part 1 (Magnetic Fields)
Don Air - Drum Chat (Applaudio)
El Jefe - 50 Miles Of Bad Road (Green Gorilla)
Don Air - Hot Spot (Applaudio)
Yabby U - Conquering Lion (Vivian Jackson)
Yamasuki - Yamasuki (Finders Keepers)
Tranquility Bass - Cantamilla (Exist Dance)
Yamasuki - Yamamoto Kakapote (Finders Keepers)
Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile (Walboomers)
London Underground - Between The Lines (On-U Sound)
Banbarra - Shack Up (Original Sound Track Recordings)
The Clash - Outside Broadcast (Heavenly)
Defenders Of The Faith - Captain's Revenge (Grayhound)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Cassettesingle (Tirk)
Barry Adamson - Diamonds (Mute)
Syclops - Nelson's Back (Tirk)
Kathy Diamond - Sunshine (Cottage)
Idjut Boys - Smokin' Balls (Headinghome)
Sugardaddy - Love Honey (Tirk)
Cherrelle - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Tabu)
Mindless Boogie - Hot Boogie (Mindless)
The Police - Voices Inside My Head (A&M)
Some Random Punk - Pink Money (Rock Breaks)
ESG - Tiny Sticks (Soul Jazz)
Loudtone - Cisco Disco (Mantra Vibes)
The Dead Seal - Bored Of The Future (Brennan Green Remix) (Smash Hit Music Co.)
Marble Valley - Pneumonia (Pork)
New Young Pony Club - The Get Go (Tirk)
Pink Grease - The Nasty Show (C Harder Mix) (Mute)
The Cramps - New Kind Of Kick (Illegal Records)
Max Romeo - Chase The Devil (Charmax)

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