July 23, 2006

Mondo Scuro, Saturday 5 August

Hey ho. The Mondo Scuro cohorts, robots and management have planned another night of funk, frolics and fazers...and we're pleased to announce that this time around we have the added talent of one of Glasgow's finest!!!

Extra speciale, persona grata, Gerard of veteran Glasgow club pioneers 'Tangent' will be making a welcome appearance alongside resident rocker DJ Dandy. Expect disco with a twist, punk with a funk and beats for your feets.

The place to be is the ever reliable Basura Blanca under the Brunswick Hotel. Doors open at 10 and close at 2 so get there early to avoid disappointment or just to have more fun.

Look forward to seeing you.


Mr. X

"Kiss the sky"

July 02, 2006

Playlist - Mondo Scuro, Glasgow

Soft Rocks - Untitled track from Chocolate Love EP (Soft Rocks)
33 1/3 Queen - Disco Four (Ray Mang's Mangled Mix) (Tu Rong)
Betty Botox - Synthetic Love Juice (Botox)
The Dead Seal - Bored Of the Future (Brennan Green Remix) (Smash Hit Music Co.)
Dondolo - Dragon (Tiny Sticks)
Tantra - A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys Re-edit) (Tirk)
Silver City - Dive Into Dreams (Deep Freeze)
Kaos feat. Sal Principato & Khan - Cerebral Tremolo (Rong)
The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord (Unidisc)
Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night (White label)
Magick Cuts - Roboterwerke (Magick Cuts)
Par-T-One vs INXS - I'm So Crazy (Credence)
Wekan - Skid (Tiny Sticks)
Markie Mark & Garth feat. Nkosazana - The Price (Grayhound)
Simon - Door Burst FX (Future Dreams)
Hot Chocolate - Don't Turn It Off (Eskimo)
Venus Gang - Space Woman (Cosmic Dancer)
Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Montage)
Force Of Nature - Unstoppable (Hotlips & Hawkeye Remix) (Headinghome)
Betty Botox - I'm An Indian Three (Botox)
Christopher & Raphael Just - Disco 128 (Superstar)
John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Unpleasant Hardisc Surprise (Palette)
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round (part) (CBS)
Betty Botox - Music Is Music (Botox)
The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Antilles)
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack (London)