April 25, 2006


The Flying Lizards - Fourth Wall (Virgin)
Snakefinger - Manual Of Errors (Ralph)
Max Romeo - War In A Baylon (Charmax)
Future Pigeon - Wicked Man (Record Collection)
Steve Reich - Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices And Organ (Deutsche Grammophon)
The Juan Maclean - Love Is In the Air (DFA)
Nightmares On Wax - The Sweetest (Warp)
Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi (Sire)
Fetus Productions - Swamp (QDK Media)
Bushwacka - Beastman (Olmeta)
Future Pigeon - Setting Sun (Record Collection)
Foetus Over Frisco - Custom Built For Capitalism (Self Immolation)
The Flying Lizards - Secret Dub Life Of... (Mister E)
Can - I Want More (Re-Edit) (Spoon)
Betty Botox - I'm An Indian Three (Botox)
Crazy Girl - The Rebel (JD Twitch Gris Gris Mix) (Tummy Touch)
Mungo's Hi-Fi - Yogga Yogga Version (Scotch Bonnet)
33 1/3 Queen - Searchin' (Rob Rives Remix) (Tu Rong)
Voom Voom - Keep The Drums Out (!K7)
General Strike - The Fatal Glass (Piano)

New CD from Mr. Machine - Experiment One

Download Link

There's a new CD doing the rounds. This one'll be highly limited and on CD only as it's firstly not really a mix and secondly so 'off the wall' (to use one person's description of it) that it's unlikely to be hosted by net-mix who host GK's other mixes. The tracklisting is on the mixes page so if you like the look of it or are curious to hear it just drop us a line via the contact link on the mixes page and we'll get one to you if there's one left.

Errata: this mix is indeed hosted by net-mix.org, for the downloading and streaming thereof.

April 24, 2006

Mix - Experiment One (20 April 2006)

Download Link

1. Liquid Liquid - New Walk (part) (Grand Royal)
2. General Strike - The Fatal Glass (Piano)
3. General Strike - Snowdrops (Piano)
4. The Flying Lizards - Cirrus (Virgin)
5. The Flying Lizards - A-Train (Virgin)
6. The Flying Lizards - New Voice (Virgin)
7. The Flying Lizards - Another Story (Virgin)
8. Playgroup - Burned Again (On-U Sound)
9. Playgroup - Night Shift (On-U Sound)
10. General Strike - We Travel Dem Spaceways (Piano)
11. London Underground - 1-3 (On-U Sound)
12. Fetus Productions - What's Going On? (Normal)
13. Fetus Productions - Tokyo Rain (QDK)
14. Fetus Productions - Swamp (QDK)
15. Arthur Russell - Platform On The Ocean (Rough Trade)
16. The Flying Lizards - An Age (Virgin)
17. The Residents - It's A Man's Man's Man's World (Ralph/Korova)