February 06, 2006

Mondo Scuro - Launch Night

Friday 10 February

Brand new and ready to rock you is Mondo Scuro, a new club night brought to you by acid punk casualties GK Machine and DJ Dandy (or Dom from Disco X as he's also known) all under the godlike tutelage of the mysterious Suzie Hipsnake.

The trio will play the best of cutting edge sounds for the modern dancer - heavy metal disco, turbo house, elastic funk, mind-slicing technoir and psychedelic love music all dripping with that essential nocturnal emission - funk.

The venue is the Basura Blanca underneath the Brunswick Hotel on Brunswick Street. Doors open at 10 and the night finishes at 2am plus the venue is low capacity so you're warned: get there early to avoid disappointment! Ravers welcome.

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