December 29, 2005


Mutabaruka & African Head Charge - What Is The Plan? (Soundboy)
New Young Pony Club - The Get Go (Tirk)
Orasio Garcia & Young Musicians Aware - Outer Space (Magnetic Fields)
Turbulence - Trigger Finger (Xterminator)
General Strike - Danger In Paradise (Piano)
Big Stick - Crack Attack (Blast First)
Syclops - Nelson's Back (Tirk)
Quantic - Blackstone Rock (Tru Thoughts)
Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield - Oh Snap! (Hector Works)
Tantra - A Place Called Tarot (Tirk)
Michoacan - Galactic (Grayhound)
Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - In A Minor Mode (Ralph)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Cassettesingle (Tirk)
London Underground - Why Do Fat Men Have Such Skinny Thoughts? (On-U Sound)
Emperor Machine - Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised (DC Recordings)
Tussle - Kling Klang (Troubleman Unlimited)
The Residents - My Window (Mute)
Sugar Daddy - Love Honey (Tirk)
Fetus Productions - Flicker (QDK)
Bim Sherman & Dub Syndicate - Keep You dancing (On-U Sound)

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