June 27, 2003


DJ Drunken Monkey - Gratification (Hawke remix) (Sunburn)
!!! - Me and Guiliani Down By the School Yard (Touch & Go)
The Chips - Rubber Biscuit (Collectables)
The Pop Group - She Is Beyond Good And Evil (Soul Jazz)
Quarks - I Walk (Kompakt Extra)
Sean Q6 - Out In The Shed (Hallucination)
Oh! Polo - Love Buzzz (PPQ)
Justus Kohnke - 2 After 909 (Kompakt)
Eric Weissberg et al - Duelling Banjos (Warner)
The Residents - Satisfaction (Ralph)
Oxtongue - Delight (Kompakt)
Andy Votel - Komedahead (Twisted Nerve)
Phantom Slasher - Cherd (Noid)
Carl Craig & Laurent Garnier - Tres Demented (Planet E)
Tricknology - Hard Flaw (white)
Nectar - Glass Acid (Grayhound)
Grauzone - Eisbaer (Off Course)
Sean Q6 - Of Course (Bedrock)
Romanthony - Floorpiece (Glasgow Underground)
Deeperflash - 04 (white)

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