August 28, 2002


Dimensional Holophonic Sound - Telephone Sounds (Tino Corp)
Dee Patten - Who's the Badman? (Solid Ground)
Nectar - Moj Aniol (Worship)
Psychic TV - Good Vibrations (Temple)
Julee Cruise - Falling (WEA)
Blondie vs. LBR - Atomix (LBR)
Honolulu - Versions (Pussyfoot)
The Birthday Party - Mutiny (Mute)
Tragic Mulatto - Freddy (Alternative Tentacles)
Skylab - Fragment (Tummy Touch)
Handieman Maurice - Chaos (Sunburn)
T-Tauri - Joy to the World (Hardkiss)
Little Wing - Diazepam Jam (Hardkiss)
The Congos - Fisherman (Go Feet)
Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (Eastwest/Crammed Discs)
The Gun Club - Jack on Fire (Ruby)
Reptiles - Electriclovesong (Electro Caramel/Jazz Fudge)
Cass & Slide - A Forest (Forest)
Daniel Diamond - Champu (City Rockers)
Luke Slater - I can Complete You (Silicon Scally mix) (Mute)

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