August 28, 2002


Dimensional Holophonic Sound - Telephone Sounds (Tino Corp)
Dee Patten - Who's the Badman? (Solid Ground)
Nectar - Moj Aniol (Worship)
Psychic TV - Good Vibrations (Temple)
Julee Cruise - Falling (WEA)
Blondie vs. LBR - Atomix (LBR)
Honolulu - Versions (Pussyfoot)
The Birthday Party - Mutiny (Mute)
Tragic Mulatto - Freddy (Alternative Tentacles)
Skylab - Fragment (Tummy Touch)
Handieman Maurice - Chaos (Sunburn)
T-Tauri - Joy to the World (Hardkiss)
Little Wing - Diazepam Jam (Hardkiss)
The Congos - Fisherman (Go Feet)
Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (Eastwest/Crammed Discs)
The Gun Club - Jack on Fire (Ruby)
Reptiles - Electriclovesong (Electro Caramel/Jazz Fudge)
Cass & Slide - A Forest (Forest)
Daniel Diamond - Champu (City Rockers)
Luke Slater - I can Complete You (Silicon Scally mix) (Mute)

August 10, 2002

Playlist - Shake the Disease @ the Warehouse

Set 1, 1-2am, order inaccurate

Laird & Laron - Bad Motherfucker (Golden Gate)
Tronco Traxx - Walk 4 me (Henry Street)
Nectar - Moj Aniol (Worship)
Community Recordings - Dubicussions (Jah Love)
Crosstown Traffic - Lover's Rock (Grayhound)
Kiki - Gas126 (Bpitch Control)
Steve Riva - I love your body Uprise)
Shiva Shanti - One Monitor Shy (played at 45rpm) (Soundclash Republic)
Tripwire - Nervous (Nervous Acid)
Yello - Bostich (Reese Uptempo Mix) (Mercury)
Arc-en-Ciel - The Juice (Finger Lickin')
Centipede Experimental Sequences - Reinforcement for the Big Crusade (CES)
Kiss my Boot - Kiss my Boot (Kissboot)
Emmanuel Top - Acidity (Attack)
Michael Anthony meets B.Smiley - Trails (Sunburn)

Set 2, 3-4am, order accurate

Hawke & Swan - Demon Beats (Fiji)
Groovy Onion - Wonder of Wonders (Carbon)
Smoothie - Smoothie (Smoothie)
Thursday Club - A Place Called Acid (TCR)
Community Recordings and Dub Theory - Dubicussions Outro (Jah Love)
M.Mayer - Love is Stronger than Pride (Kompakt)
Worldwide - Jackin' (Golden Gate)
Rocket - Serpent Fire (Grayhound)
Chito's Revenge - Lagrimas (Bomb)
Blondie vs LBR - Atomix (LBR)
LED - As it ever was (Nervous Dog)
Paul Zone & Man2Man - Male Stripper (Out of the Ordinary Techno Mix) (ZYX/Abfahrt)
The Age of Love - The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon watch out for Stella remix) (React)
HMC - 6am (Undefined)

Set 3, 5-6am, spot-on again

Simon - Door Burst/White Wash (Future Dreams)
God Within - Indian Summer (Sunburn)
High Lonesome Sound System - Waiting for the Lights (Thai Mix) (Exist Dance)
Plastikman - Hypokondriak (Minus Inc.)
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Ride (Robbie Hardkiss Boozy Funk Remix) (Jive Electro)
Damian Donato - Life Support System (Music Man)
Basement Jaxx - Set Yo Body Free (Atlantic Jaxx)
God Within - The Phoenix (Throw Your Guns) (Hardkiss)
Dubtribe Sound System - Equatorial (Imperial Dub)

(At this point Bosco decided to play a couple of tracks,one of them being the Verve)

Unknown white - strange ascending acid squelches
The Cramps - The Most Exalted Potentate of Love (Big Beat)
Rocket - Voices of Freedom (Grayhound)
Unknown white - strange ascending acid squelches
DJ Tracy & Tao - Love Supreme (part) (Silver Pearl)