June 02, 2002


Michael Anthony meets B. Smiley - Trails (Sunburn)
Golden Boy with Miss Kitten - Rippin Kitten (Illustrious)
Bonfire Music - Flight To Pompeii (Bonfire Music)
Tim Wright - Going Down (Nova Mute)
Bauhaus - Double Dare (4AD)
El Jefe - 50 Miles of Bad Road (Green Gorilla)
Sweetie - Touch Me (Superstonic)
The Leather Nun - Slow Death (Wire)
Angelo Hectic - For All the Girls I've Loved (Red Egyptian)
Themes - The Wicked Track (Kinetic Grooves)
Two Nervous Guys - Free To Be (Silver Pearl)
Chungking - Bubble Love (Tummy Touch)
Plastyc Buddha - String Vibe (Life Enhancing Audio)
Mescalito - Botnik (Tummy Touch)
Tripwire - Nervous (N/A)
Supercollider - Messagesacomin' (Rise Robots Rise)
Hipp-E & Tony - Shine (Siesta)
Arc-En-Ciel - The Juice (Finger Lickin')
Big Hair - Glad to be a Freq (U-Freqs)
Jay-J & Miguel Migs - Rock the Spot (Multi-Tracked)