March 13, 2016

Invisible Inc "Flavour Of The Label" Mix for Ransom Note

I was over the moon to be asked to do a "Flavour of the label" mix for Ransom Note magazine. They asked me a few words too. You can listen while you read my ramblings right here

June 02, 2015


OK, I may have been pretty quiet with the DJing lately (well, no, I've been busy with that too) and that's because behind the scenes at Paradise HQ I've been working on getting a record label together.

The first release came out on 11 May just there and features the wonderful and inspiring Secret Circuit as well as the equally wonderful and inspiring synth maestro Tim Love Lee plus underground electro-kraut synth group Higamos Hogamos and '80s new wave/disco from Yucatan, The Poncho Brothers......4 full tracks of cosmic wonk!

More is to come with the 2nd (Higamos Hogamos, 3rd (The Poncho Brothers) and 4th EPs (Sordid Sound System) in production with the 5th (Tross) just back from mastering.

You can find out more about the label's activities and listen to some sneak previews right HEAR

Also, to compliment the launch of the label I helped compile an exquisitely diverse 14-track digital only compilation aiming to showcase the range of styles the label plans to promote over the coming years....... and that can be found on our BANDCAMP page.

Lastly, I was interviewed by some people I've respected for some time and who's website I regularly refer to....namely the boys at Test Pressing. READ it!!

.....and here's some cover art to get you started.

INVINC 01 - Various - Invisible Family EP #1

INVINC 02 - Higamos Hogamos - Fuzzy Majesty EP

INVINC 03 - The Poncho Brothers - Disco Azteca EP

INVINC 04 - Sordid Soundsystem - In A Year of 13 Moons EP

November 07, 2014

Kill Yr Idols is dead....long live Kill Yr Idols

Our final Kill Yr Idols.....we'll be back elsewhere before long

September 03, 2014

This is happening......fresh(ers) meat for the grinder

July 10, 2014

Kill Yr Idols w/ special guest Forever Sound (Cocktail D'Amore, Horn Wax), Fri 18 July

Friday 18 July...........special live synth music extravaganza from Forever Sound

June 14, 2014

Juno Records Chart

May 28, 2014

New GK Machine on Racket Racket - "Synth Soul": A History Of Synthesizer Music

Just uploaded to Racket Racket is a long-awaited mix of synthesizer music covering six decades of experimental sound making.

Check it here: Synth Soul

May 01, 2014

Kill Yr Idols presents [Emotional] Especial with Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary) & Chuggy (Emotional Response)

Kill Yr Idols is extremely proud to be showcasing respected underground electronic label [Emotional] Especial at Nice n Sleazy this May.

Run by Stuart Leath aka Chuggy, [Emotional] Especial is just one of four labels under the Emotional Recordings umbrella. Launching in January 2012 with the underground hit "It's Wild" by Bob Chance and closely followed by the tribal no wave of "Brujo Magic" by Suns of Arqa, Emotional Rescue carved a niche for itself overnight amongst connoisseurs and DJs alike not simply for releasing lost classics but also for the stylish and eye-catching sleeve designs they became known for. With the sole aim of reissuing only the finest of underground obscurities the label continues to release on a frighteningly regular basis having now seen output from Dunkelziffer, Neo, Cosmic Hoffmann, Kevin Harrison, Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright, The Ganges Orchestra, The Jellies, Woo and Muslimgauze...with many more still to come.

Less than 6 months later, Emotional Response hit the shelves to similarly resounding praise and aimed to promote contemporary experimental, electronic and generally left-of-centre weirdness and, much like its sister label, created an equally 'cult' following for itself with releases from LA's Secret Circuit, NY's Luke Wyatt (Torn Hawk), Alan Hurst and Willie Burns (Black Deer), Düsseldorf's Musiccargo, Italy's Brain Machine and the UK's own Timothy J. Fairplay, Nick Nicely and Not Waving.

After a brief 4-release-only label run in collaboration with Headman's Relish Recordings releasing dancefoor oriented 12"s (named Emotional Relish, naturally), Stuart Leath decided to launch his own dancefoor focussed label....thus introducing [Emotional] Especial in October 2013.

The stellar first EP on Especial came from Jamie Paton himself with "Bizarre Feeling" (EES001): an electronic new wave contra-pop masterpiece that is as much a paean to his youth spent listening to New Order, The The and Kraftwerk as it is a highly original dancefoor killer that fits perfectly into today's increasingly varied dance music scene. With a standout bassline that Peter Hook would be outrageously jealous of plus some additional keys and guitars courtesy of Tim Fairplay and Scott Fraser, Jamie's own vocals add the finishing touches to a track that is so catchy a 'number' that I've been asked on several occasions when playing it what it was. Yes!

Which makes us particularly proud to be having him play his debut Scottish show for us here in Glasgow.

Jamie is also known for his work as one half of Cage & Aviary. This ongoing project has seen numerous singles on such respected labels as Dissident, Astro Lab Recordings, The Walls Have Ears, Tiny Sticks as well as an acclaimed debut double album on Prins Thomas's Internasjonal imprint in 2012.

Most recently Cage & Aviary provided the latest release on [Emotional] Especial in January with "In Sanctuary" (EES004) - a collection of previously unreleased remixes featuring a sought after vocal remix of Swedish psychedelic pagan-funk darlings Goat's "Run To Your Mama" as well as a late night dub of "The Western" by 80s pop legends Blancmange. The EP fnishes off with Goat label-mates Teeth Of The Sea getting some additional 303 and 808 added to a mix that builds into a surefire 3am party beast.

So it goes without saying that Jamie Paton knows what he's doing...and has done for some time.

Without a doubt the Nice n Sleazy's dancefoor will not only be set will also get to hear some extremely fresh and exciting music that will surely please, if not educate, the fussiest of listeners/dancers.

Supporting Jamie will be label head honcho Stuart Leath aka Chuggy whose eclectic tastes need no further introduction (see all of the above) and whose set promises to be just as exciting and possibly even further out in leftfeld than Jamie's.

Be there!