March 11, 2014

48K Guest Mix: GK Machine "Sound Of Future" - The world of Mackenzie Records, 1991-1992

48K presents GK Machine Old School DJ Mix "Sound Of Future" - The world of Mackenzie Records, 1991-1992

January 02, 2014

GKM studio is Room Of The Week on

Happy to share some pics and nerdy facts about my studio on Room Of The Week in DJ Rooms.
Check out the pictures of the gear I use and read what I have to say about it.

Here is the LINK

December 28, 2013

CB Redux (DJ Mix, Eclectic, Nov 2013)

Revisions of a lost mix recorded in a west end bar one Sunday afternoon. Relaxed is the vibe.
This reproduction of the atmosphere is probably as close to ideal as I can get with one of these downtempo style mixes so this mix is most likely my final CB upload. 
All songs recorded from vinyl.
Tornaado – Jahiklass 470
Richard Schneider Jr. – Hello Beach Girls
Francis Bebey – Fleur Tropical
Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythm (Mudd's Ellis beach Dub)
George's Vert – Freak D'Espace
Damon – Don't You Feel Me
Flash & The Pan – Hole In The Middle
The Jellies – The Conversation (Version)
Logic System – Unit
Patrick Cowley – He's Like You
Phil Manzanera – Listen Now (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix)
Musiccargo – Das Buch
Shit & Shine – Blowhannon
William Onyeabor – Heaven & Hell
Sly & Robbie – Reggae Disco
Tamikrest – Itous
Devendra Barnhart – Lazy Butterfly
Vazz – Cast Reflections
Finis Africae – El Secreto De Las 12
Joan Pau Verdier – Sud-Omnibus
Francis Bebey – Sahel
Ken Dang – Born In Borneo
Tornaado – Soling
Bernie Krause – Fish Wrap
Dukes Of Chutney – The Smiling Cheshire
Kasket – Bad Connection
Peaking Lights – More High
Young Marco – In The Wind
Black Deer – Trail Of Tears
Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythm
Dukes Of Chutney – Domino
Damon – Funky Funky Blues
Osborne – Oyasumi
Richard Schneider Jr – Silent Cry
Richard Schneider – Nightmare World
Black Deer – Tortuga
Synthesizers Unlimited – Funky Dromedary
Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble – 13.03.13 Part Two
Persimfans – ESP
Kasket – Give It A Name
Imbogodom – Mirror Dust
Musiccargo – Domino
Patrick Cowley – Primordial Landscape
Richard Schneider Jr – Fata Morgana
Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal (Dompteur Mooner Edit)
Tortoise – Firefly
Pikelet – Fleeting
Joasihno – Monja
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses

December 03, 2013

This Thursday: GK Machine @ Coming Your Way (Nice N Sleazy)

Subcity Radio fund-raiser with The Witching Hour (Claudia Nova), GK Machine and Feta.

November 03, 2013

"Warehouse Wipeout" Mix for Dirty Sounds Sessions

Mix recorded for Jane Fitz's "Dirty Sounds Sessions" show on originally broadcast on 28 Sept 2013.

Most records never played before, let alone mixed. The sound is more techy than my usual sound so dug out a lot of unplayed vinyls and the mix turned out OK. Not perfect by any means....but OK.

October 28, 2013

Mix for Krossfingers

So I managed to do a psychedelic journey of a mix for Ukranian blog krossfingers a few weeks ago before disappearing off to Bali and immersing myself in gamelan for two weeks.

The mix is sort of a follow-on from the "Psychic Psunshine" mix I did for Racket Racket last year.

You can find this latest adventurous musical escapade here.

October 03, 2013

GK Machine Top 5 Records for Ukranian music blog/fanzine Krossfingers

I managed to get a Top 5 records of all time together for Krossfingers this week. No mean feat at my age with thousands of records to choose from!!

Podcast for them coming soon too so ears peeled

GK Machine Top 5