March 29, 2018

Guest mix for Ambience Chasers

I did an ambient mix for the appropriately named 'Ambience Chasers' in London for whom Komodo Kolektif played a live show in Oct 2017. The mix is definitely Komodo Kolektif flavoured, with music from Indonesia, India, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Morocco and more.

December 17, 2017

Full Moon Landing [DJ Mix, 13 Dec 2017]

I did a seriously slow mix a few day ago......deciding to go for the more downtempo part of my collection....... I decelerated to 95bpm and slower for this one hour mix

December 16, 2017

Guest mix for Death By Repetition

New mix for Death By Repetition.

October 11, 2017

December 17, 2016

DISCO DANCE DJ Mix for Mischio Dischi Disco

My second DJ mix this December....this time for Mischio Dischi in Milan.

Accordingly it's a lot more dancefloor-friendly than my last one for Brighton FM but also has that psychedelic twisted vibe I like so much.

You can listen and see the tracklist HERE

December 09, 2016

"Lights Out" An EBM/New Beat DJ Mix for 1BrightonFM

I'd been meaning for ages to do a mix of some of my favourite new wave, EBM, hardbeat, synth pop tunes which I finally managed to do with the help of some strong whiskies and a night in alone......great fun I must say. Here's the result. As the mix goes on the mixes get wobblier. Enjoy.

You can listen HERE

March 13, 2016

Invisible Inc "Flavour Of The Label" Mix for Ransom Note

I was over the moon to be asked to do a "Flavour of the label" mix for Ransom Note magazine. They asked me a few words too. You can listen while you read my ramblings right here

December 11, 2015

Mix for Racket Racket - "Douze Danses"

New mix for my friends at Racket Racket.

This one's got an afro disco feel to it......with a touch of twisted dark

You can here it HERE

June 02, 2015


OK, I may have been pretty quiet with the DJing lately (well, no, I've been busy with that too) and that's because behind the scenes at Paradise HQ I've been working on getting a record label together.

The first release came out on 11 May just there and features the wonderful and inspiring Secret Circuit as well as the equally wonderful and inspiring synth maestro Tim Love Lee plus underground electro-kraut synth group Higamos Hogamos and '80s new wave/disco from Yucatan, The Poncho Brothers......4 full tracks of cosmic wonk!

More is to come with the 2nd (Higamos Hogamos, 3rd (The Poncho Brothers) and 4th EPs (Sordid Sound System) in production with the 5th (Tross) just back from mastering.

You can find out more about the label's activities and listen to some sneak previews right HEAR

Also, to compliment the launch of the label I helped compile an exquisitely diverse 14-track digital only compilation aiming to showcase the range of styles the label plans to promote over the coming years....... and that can be found on our BANDCAMP page.

Lastly, I was interviewed by some people I've respected for some time and who's website I regularly refer to....namely the boys at Test Pressing. READ it!!

.....and here's some cover art to get you started.

INVINC 01 - Various - Invisible Family EP #1

INVINC 02 - Higamos Hogamos - Fuzzy Majesty EP

INVINC 03 - The Poncho Brothers - Disco Azteca EP

INVINC 04 - Sordid Soundsystem - In A Year of 13 Moons EP

November 07, 2014

Kill Yr Idols is dead....long live Kill Yr Idols

Our final Kill Yr Idols.....we'll be back elsewhere before long